DreaMer UXUI App design 

Dreamer is an app for tracking, journaling, sharing, interpretating dreams.

Creative direction
Eleana Szeto, Sam Anvari

Eleana Szeto

Project Brief

Are you curious about what you dreamt last night?
This application caters to individuals who are interested in lucid dreams and assists them in logging their dreams.

Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis was did to look into other apps that has similar function that journaling and tracking dreams. I look into the opportunities of the app that might be lacking. 


Persona helps me to look into the possible needs of target users and what fustrations and goals they have. So the app could designed to tackle those. 

User Scenarios

  1. Sally has a bad dream yesterday night. So when she wake up, she open the app, she went to add a dream page and click ready to record, she put down date, time, title. As it is weekday, she need to go to school. She voice record her dream. The app asked her how was her sleep, How Clear was your dream? What was the overall mood? Was the dream lucid? By answering that,tags was added to the dream journal. She also want to share it on her Dream community who are her added friends. She chose to share to only friends and post it.
  2. Sally wants to set up a habit to record dreams and trace the dreams. So before sleep, She went to Add page and she Set an Alarm for reminding her to record dreams. Then shechose a good alarm sound to smoothly wakes her up. When she wake up she is able to set
    up the dreams accordingly. she want to know the meaning. She add all the date, title, description and a suggested picture of the dream. The app asked her how was her sleep, How Clear was your dream? What was the overall mood? Was the dream lucid? By answering that,tags was added to the dream journal. Then there are suggested dream keywords to know the meaning of her dream. She can then add the meaning to her existing post record.

Flow Chart

Flow chart sketches out how users navigate in the app. 

  • Users have the option to set gentle alarms with music that wake them up and prompt them to jot down their dreams right away.
  • Users can also opt to share their dreams with the community. 
  • One of the tabs offers tips on improving sleep and interpreting dreams. 
  • Users can keep track of their dreams on their profile.



It includes: 

Animation leading to Login Page

  1. Journal page: Users could either chose to record a dream by clicking the emoji that represents their thoughts and dreams or look into the recorded dreams. 
  2. Search : Users could search for topics regarding dreams and how they could interpret dreams or ways to have a better sleep.
  3. Alarm: Users could set up alarm with soft music. When the alarm rings, it would prompt users to record their dream right when they are awake. 
  4. Community: Users could share about their dreams in a community or with their friends. They could post their stories and comment to on this tap. 
  5. Profile: Users would have thier Social Profile to connect with their community. 

DreaMer App Interface Walkthrough 


Being located in Los Angeles and having been raised in Hong Kong, I have had the opportunity to experience and appreciate diverse cultures which provided me with unique perspectives and an understanding of different aesthetics, customs, and values. Over years of exploring and learning, I became a multi-disciplinary designer with a strong passion for UXUI, Packaging, Branding, and Motion.

With a focus on creating designs that tell powerful stories, I approach each project with careful attention and empathy toward the audience. Through my methodology of utilizing simplistic visuals and illustrations, I aim to evoke emotional responses and effectively convey the intended message of the design. This approach has enabled me to continually adapt, thrive, and develop my skills as a designer.

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California State University, Long Beach
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2022- Current

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Class Sponser Projects

Edenspekerman Design Agency, Los Angeles
Design solution for plane passengers in layovers.

Mark Schneider, Long Beach
Design social media campaign to promote brand identity.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), Long Beach
Work with CAPS to design campus campaign for raising mental health awareness associated with stigma and discrimination.