ARO Automated Car Interface 

ARO is an automated car interface designed according to the actual user needs and it designs with a comfortable and smooth interface for fully automated cars.
Creative direction
Eleana Szeto, Sam Anvari

Eleana Szeto

Project Brief 

As technology are becoming more advanced, fully automation car becomes the future trend.
We would ask this question:
When the car is fully automated, how will users interact with the monitor in the car?
This projects look into the actual user needs and aims to design a comfortable and smooth interface for fully automated cars.

Existing Car UI Deconstruction

In Phase 1 UI Deconstruction, my research focuses on analyzing the current car interfaces and understanding users' actual driving experiences. This process enables me to comprehend how different brands organize their interfaces and identify potential functions for future fully automated cars. As part of this research, I analyzed the monitor of the Tesla Model 3, an electric car model from Tesla, which provided valuable insights into the current technology and future development of electric cars.

Tesla's interface is characterized by a simplified design with a light interface and minimal tactile controls. Through my analysis, I identified the potential for prioritizing functions and personalization of modes in Tesla's interface. In addition to Tesla, I also conducted a UI deconstruction on the Audi E-tron, which is documented further in the Process book︎︎︎.

Design Surveys 

28  Google form results are collected from the Surveys.
5     Interviews are conducted in total

To gather data on driving experiences, I designed a 20-question survey using Google Forms and invited people to participate and share their honest feedback on their experiences as drivers or passengers.


Asking participants to imagine a future where cars are fully automated and safe, I inquired about their potential behaviors in such a scenario and the types of functions they would like to have in the car.

While most participants expressed concerns about the safety of fully automated cars, some of them envisioned future cars as a second home-like space. They expressed interest in using the car for work, studying, chatting, watching movies, eating, or continuing their previous activities. Based on these results, I took upon myself to develop a user interface that cater to this desire of treating car as a second home. This interface enables users to create customized modes for their specific requirements, allowing them to set a destination and alarm. This way, users can personalize their travel experience in fully automated cars. 

Flow chart & Scenarios

As Amia has less sleep these few weeks, she decided to setup the sleep mode and sleep in the car during the drive.
She first get into the car, turn on the car, look through the popup message, set nevigation, click on sleep mode, set up the essence in the car, sleeping music and pre-sets for the seat to decline like bed.

She also set up alarms for waking her up when it is off the freeway. It is all set for the preset.


Final UI


Being located in Los Angeles and having been raised in Hong Kong, I have had the opportunity to experience and appreciate diverse cultures which provided me with unique perspectives and an understanding of different aesthetics, customs, and values. Over years of exploring and learning, I became a multi-disciplinary designer with a strong passion for UXUI, Packaging, Branding, and Motion.

With a focus on creating designs that tell powerful stories, I approach each project with careful attention and empathy toward the audience. Through my methodology of utilizing simplistic visuals and illustrations, I aim to evoke emotional responses and effectively convey the intended message of the design. This approach has enabled me to continually adapt, thrive, and develop my skills as a designer.

︎Currently based in California
💁‍♀️A girl who enjoys traveling and vibing in k-pop songs.


California State University, Long Beach
BFA in Graphic Design


Bazic Products- Graphic Designer
El Monte, California
2022- Current

Freelancer - Graphic Designer
2018- Current
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Class Sponser Projects

Edenspekerman Design Agency, Los Angeles
Design solution for plane passengers in layovers.

Mark Schneider, Long Beach
Design social media campaign to promote brand identity.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), Long Beach
Work with CAPS to design campus campaign for raising mental health awareness associated with stigma and discrimination.