alDip & ALMOND 

alDip is a HEB Sea salt Almond with carefully sorced chocolate from New Zealand, Brittney, Switzerland. ALMOND is  a Hill Country branded almond chocolate.

Creative direction
Eleana Szeto, Tor Hovind

Design & Illustrations
Eleana Szeto

Top teir: alDip

The chocolate bar is wrapped in a pattern that represents each respective country it was sourced from, which includes New Zealand, Brittany, and Switzerland.

Additionally, the packaging includes inserts with illustrations depicting views from those countries. The design was created with the intention of reminding consumers that the chocolate is sourced from small farms in these areas, and it is marketed as high-quality almond chocolate.

Mid teir: Country Hill 

Hill Country's branded Almond chocolate, ALMOND, is adored by snack enthusiasts of all kinds.  It has three flavour which is Dark choco, Milk Choco, and Caramel Choco. 


Being located in Los Angeles and having been raised in Hong Kong, I have had the opportunity to experience and appreciate diverse cultures which provided me with unique perspectives and an understanding of different aesthetics, customs, and values. Over years of exploring and learning, I became a multi-disciplinary designer with a strong passion for UXUI, Packaging, Branding, and Motion.

With a focus on creating designs that tell powerful stories, I approach each project with careful attention and empathy toward the audience. Through my methodology of utilizing simplistic visuals and illustrations, I aim to evoke emotional responses and effectively convey the intended message of the design. This approach has enabled me to continually adapt, thrive, and develop my skills as a designer.

︎Currently based in California
💁‍♀️A girl who enjoys traveling and vibing in k-pop songs.


California State University, Long Beach
BFA in Graphic Design


Bazic Products- Graphic Designer
El Monte, California
2022- Current

Freelancer - Graphic Designer
2018- Current
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Class Sponser Projects

Edenspekerman Design Agency, Los Angeles
Design solution for plane passengers in layovers.

Mark Schneider, Long Beach
Design social media campaign to promote brand identity.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), Long Beach
Work with CAPS to design campus campaign for raising mental health awareness associated with stigma and discrimination.